by Spacemonster

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recorded in the summer of 2010


released January 23, 2011



all rights reserved


Spacemonster Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: We Are Too
He knows nothing about the nature of your sunshine
We ate them
If you're tired walk lightly
Our spiny tails
They made us dizzy

I was so vulgar
Your arms remained broken
I'm going home

I'm going home.
I left school to look for my father's sons and daughters
And time still loves me
Time still loves me
We are too young
We are too young
Track Name: Swimmer Summer
she's a thunderstorm
at the bottom of an ocean
and on the bathroom floor
she's too afraid to swim
lift up your head
wake up those bones
i raise up my head
and i wake up alone

it rips apart
it grows calloused and old
like we think of men and how they decompose
it's highly evolved
the mirrored image of
your eyes and your lungs
i know what you're thinking of

no you're not fucked up
you're not even a chore
you're the sweetest thing
that i've ever adored
i know what you're thinking of
i know what you're thinking of
i know what you're thinking of
Track Name: With Good Intentions
i want to fix myself
for you
my head is made of sticks
and i broke my legs
running to you

the wind it blows into my eyes
and i'm bone dry
with good intentions
oh we tried to come alive
Track Name: Tape Wormsss
good friends make great companions
what happened to your hands
you're skinny and sick
all over again

we learned that
love is a holiday

in the summer sun
with a flask of wine
i'm peddling through the great divide
how do you know my name
oh the sun is in my face
don't you ever change
don't you ever change
oh how i feel the same

with a belly full of tape worms
i sunk like a stone
Track Name: Pines
i'm so blind ill move to the pines
holes in my shoes ill fill them with glue
forever red for the things you've said
i'm so blind i should move to the pines

i lose the most when i'm asleep
memories of what will be
i tried to wear all of my shoes
but my feet were just too few

wide eyed and your troubles have changed
you were made in a lake fire
wearing nothing but your name
you have put the world into the smallest grain
me, i was made by shame